Welcome to Bristol Blags

Bristol Blags is all about the bizarre urban legends purloined throughout the city of Bristol, which as many residents will confirm is full of some amazing but downright odd goings on. Chronicling these is what Bristol Blags is all about, laying out the smorgasbord of oddity with no regard to truths or untruths, the rumours or honestly witnessed.

We want it all here, and we want you to visit us to enjoy it all: whether it’s the Hatchet Pub’s skin door, ghosts in the Cathedral, graffiti that only appears on Tuesdays, or the parking lot attendant who retired a multimillionaire from fees!

Convenient Features on Contact Details

For Bristolians needing support with their Windows software, or a web server you run, just use our contact details for Microsoft – here, the tech giant’s advisors will help you out well.

A cheap, no-frills mobile contract is well within reach of any Bristol resident, and our Giffgaff Contact Info will help you achieve it, to keep sighting and reporting those fabulous urban legends.

No self-respecting resident of Bristol doesn’t want to look presentable and snazzy in nice clothes – luckily, our phone numbers for Boohoo ensure you never need fear looking drab ever again.

Also, you can phone the NHS to report an emergency or discuss any ailment that’s been bothering you lately, so that you can be fighting fit and roaming Bristol again happily.

Sometimes – and in spite of its countless charms – one must leave Bristol by land, fortunately our National Rail contact details make a rail booking straightforward.